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I have strong, deep rooted beliefs that to best capture who you are, and not the person people assume you are, is to get to know you so I set up phone and Skype/In Person consultations for every client. I could take your money and treat you like the last 100 women I've shot, but you're unique and you are special and you are so much more than another number or another paycheck to me. I'm extremely passionate about my clients getting so much more than artwork from my sessions. This is a celebration of self love. This is a rebirth.
I'm so excited to talk to you about your session. Let's do this.  
Your consultation is at no expense to you. This is a private, uninterrupted time for us to chat about the journey into self love and what that means to you. This is best accomplished when we don't have kids hanging on us, and can truly focus on you and your desires for your boudoir session before, during and after your session. Yes, you'll be getting some amazing artistic images of yourself, but to best pull you through this experience, I need to get to know you and what BEAUTY means to you. Think about celebrities you relate with, and your favorite physical attributes. 

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